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SPE Annual Banquet Awards, Chevron’s Night of Joy

After three days of deliberations, presentations of technical papers and showcasing the activities of various operators in the oil industry through exhibition, it was necessary to appreciate the efforts of those whose unrelenting contributions ensured the successful implementation of the event. It was a busy night for The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) as it brought to a close the Nigeria Annual International Conference and Exhibition (NAICE) which was enlivened with series of awards.

Exhibitors and participants were joyful when the 2017 SPE NAICE best exhibitor was won by Chevron Nigeria Limited. Ecstasy and joy filled the room as Chevron staff jumped and danced to the rhythm of “STAND UP FOR THE CHAMPION”. Indeed, it worth celebrating Chevron’s feat in a major exhibition contest. The IOC has been exhibiting in major oil and gas events, showcasing its strengths to the admiration of visitors and stakeholders especially its Agbami project and other enviable activities in the industry. Chevron has been in exploration activities in Nigeria for the last fifty-four years and it has endeavored to build capability in the country. There has been enduring partnership between the multinational and its host Nigeria and the company is committed to developing the oil and gas industry in Nigeria especially in the aspect of domestic gas to the market, working with communities and government stakeholders to find solutions and assist the country energy to grow.

In his sponsor’s remark, Ojulari acknowledged dignitaries at the banquet awards. He spoke on behalf of the Country Chair of Shell Companies in Nigeria, Osagie Okunbor. According to Ojulari, the Country Chair applauded the immense efforts that were put together in the 2017 SPE conference. He commended the cautious decision of the organizers for directing its thought on certainty of the oil industry in Nigeria and how to profitable navigates through the certainty. Okunbor made it known that the team of the conference for 2017 “Riding the Waves of Boom and Bust, Common Objectives, Diverse Perspective” is therefore apt given the realities in the industry globally and particularly in Nigeria whose economy is depended on the revenue from oil.

The Shell boss emphasized that despite diverse perspectives, on the issues in the industry, setting and aligning objectives may be a viable option for riding the waves, not just for survival but for sustainability and profitability. He welcomed the consensus building approach which was well examined in the conference. Okunbor stressed further that the Shell Companies in Nigeria responses to the uncertainties among other actor is to constantly review and optimize its portfolio with the aim of strengthening its businesses in the area of its services. It is also by the cautious decision that Shell continues to encourage and release its staff to play active role in professional associations like the SPE so that jointly solutions can be created and open challenges by adding value to the industry and add value to the country.

Okubor was delighted that forty-four technical papers representing over thirty per cent of total papers presented at the SPE conference were authored by Shell staff. He added that through the level of participation, the International Oil Company (IOC) has shared knowledge in technical applications using case studies and build exhibition success stories and at the same time particularly valuable best practices from the diverse experience shared by other participants in the industry. At the industry level, the IOC will continue to work with other players in the industry. The company will engage its partners, regulators and other stakeholders to improve the efficiency and professionality of the industry and promote an investment friendly climate. Okunbor posited that a consensus has been built around what the issues of the industry and the next step to take. It just part of the journey and arising at the desired destination will not happen by chance or wishful thinking. It will require concerted efforts and commitment from all stakeholders, government and the private sector as well as individual companies and professionals to move forward. Apart from applying the learnings from the conference to jobs and businesses, in technical and leadership delivery, new thinking and innovations should be imbibed. The Country Chair advised that behaviours and attitudes with strong commitments that are hinged on transparency, strong commitments and full collaboration should be adhered, “this way we will renew the vehicle required to take us to our destination”.

There were awardees ranging from best technical papers, young professionals category and sub-committee chair persons who worked assiduously for the success of the conference. The best exhibitors’ award was monitored by PWC, an international audit firm to ensure that the process was transparent. Jide Adeola, who made it known that the audit firm’s objective is to build trust in the society by proffering solutions. He revealed that the theme of the conference indicates that SPE is committed to innovation. PWC was mandated to assess the exhibitors and this year’s conference attests to the fact that there are innovations in the oil and gas sector with a promising future. Adeola explained further that the consulting firm employed various criteria to assess the exhibitors which include: readiness of exhibitor, aesthetics, cleanliness and safety. The audience engagement and explanation on what was exhibited by exhibitors. The best indigenous exhibitor award went to Seplat Petroleum Development Company while AOS Orwell won category 2 exhibition. The third best exhibitor category 1 was won by Total and the second category was Shell.

The new SPE Council Chair, Engineer Chike Nwosu, in his concluding remarks appreciated the dignitaries who graced the occasion including the outgoing Chairman, Dr. Saka Matemilola. Nwosu accepted to serve as the next SPE Chair and assure the BoT that by trusting SPE into his hands that he understood the enormity of the task that was before him and promised that the confidence bestowed on him, he will take the petroleum association to the next level. He extolled Matemilola whom he understudied for one year. The SPE Chair appraised members of the council who he referred to as talented people that will shape SPE for another one year. He asserted that “there is no fear in my heart that we will continue to deliver as SPE Nigeria Council has done in years past”. He revealed that SPE under his watch will partner with government particularly the NCDMB, DPR and sister organizations like NAPE, Nigeria Gas Association (NGA) and Manufacturing Association of Nigeria (MAN) so as to diversify the oil sector and explore other energy mix. There will R&D to encourage proper research and development in academia, the ability to transform that initiative to academia to pilot test projects and make them commercially viable. NCDMB will play a greater role to actualize this objective. This structure will deliver innovation for the oil and gas industry. Nwosu was elated for being nominated into the advisory council of NCDMB. On the Petroleum Industry Fiscal Reform Bill, the SPE Chair nominated Professor Wumi Iledare, a foremost Petroleum Economist to assist the Council compile a document that will be used to influence policy on the Fiscal Reform Bill.


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