Thursday, October 21, 2021
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After receiving his prestigious award as the Man of the Year, Dr. Maikanti Baru, Group Managing Director (GMD) of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) was in joyous mood for the recognition. In this short interview with journalists in Lagos, Baru expressed optimism that lingering fuel crisis across the country has gone for good and he will ensure at his capacity as GMD of the state owned oil company, that petroleum products will be effectively distributed in the country to tackle the problem.


How do you feel with this Man of the Year award given to you by Nigerian NewsDirect?

It is further recognition of the good work NNPC and its staff are doing for the oil and gas industry in Nigeria. It is like giving us a tonic for the good things we are doing which is to encourage our staff and management for such award to be given to the GMD. I dedicate this award to the staff and management.

Part of the selection criteria was because of your efforts bringing the issue of fuel challenges in the country to an end. What measures will NNPC take in this regard going forward?

In terms of resolving the fuel crisis, that has gone for good and we have itemized the lessons learnt, part of which is to ensure that at every point in time there will be sufficient product available for distribution across the country. We are also taking good measures to discuss with the security agencies to ensure that there are no smuggling of petroleum products across our boarders. We have a lot more that we are working on in terms of our pipelines and depots as well.


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