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CharlloteEssiet, Executive Director, Government Relations AOS Orwell


AOS Orwell, one of the flagships indigenous companies with many awards from International Oil Companies (IOCs), has thrived tremendously in local content drive with sophisticated tools and in-country investments.

The company’s newly appointed Executive Director, Government Relations, CharlloteEssiet, spoke on the sideline with Nigeria’s Oil and Gas magazine during the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Annual Conference in Lagos, that AOS Orwell has done a lot of investments in-country. She said the indigenous oil company has done extremely well with human capacity development.

The company ensures it provides services in the oil industry under compliance and has no issue with relevant regulatory agencies. Essiet advocated for more women to brace up to the challenge and aspire to greater heights in the oil industry.



As a Relationship Manager, what is your agenda to enhance AOS Orwell relationship?

For me it has to be a win-win, it might not be a win-win today, it might be a win-win at the end of the day and at the end of the circle. What is important is being able to keep everybody in the level of achievement and satisfaction. You cannot satisfy every client including the regulator but there should be an equal playing ground where we all understand what we want to do and achieved.

Relationship is personal, sometimes you break the wall when it becomes difficult in order to build a better relationship with the person. Relationship is not about what I want to bring but who I am and what we could do together as a company.


There are regulatory agencies in Nigeria’s oil industry and AOS Orwell is an oil service company, what will be your relationship with the regulatory agencies and how do you intend to manage them?

The major regulators that are applicable to us is the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), its subsidiaries, the Nigerian Content Development Board (NCDMB), Ministry of Mines among others. In relationship, you build and you keep building. There is no possibility to know one person to the total end of the chain. I have been in the industry for fifteen years, there are lots of people that I have known. If I don’t know you today and there is someone I know who knows you and can break that barrier, then we can do things together.

As regards AOS and the regulators, we work under compliance with the policies, as you go by the policies, it becomes clearer with support. It is all about human being relationship which is good for every party involved.


AOS Orwell is a major stakeholder and an indigenous oil company of repute, there is a legacy to be sustained, how do go about it?

AOS Orwell will always remain what it is, it is made up of dedicated and committed staff which will take the company to the next level. Although, I came just one month ago, but I have always known the company right from my previous days with various companies I have worked with. The company has grown its ranks to where it is today in the country and it will continue to do extremely well by building relationships, service delivery, operational excellence and compliance which is key to progress.


As a reputable indigenous service company, the issue of local content drive pervades the industry with the government laying emphasis on investment. AOS Orwell is one of the upcoming leading light with regards to local content. What are the key local content investments that AOS can leverage on?

The NOGIC Act was written and signed in 2010 by the previous administration and AOS Orwell has done a lot of investments in-country. There are lots of state-of-the-art tools and equipment that the company has acquired with human capacity development. It has done a lot of investments in the Onne facility where we have the structural steel being manufactured or fabricated in-country. In the process management division of our company, there are fabrications done in-country from scratch to bottom, all control units are done in-country. So, there is little or none that we have not been able to invest in and we have done extremely well. I proud to say that we are one of the flagship indigenous companies that a lot of other companies look up unto with major awards from IOCs.

We have had different awards from NCDMB as a board. AOS Orwell will continue to build on the local content initiative and policies that it has in-country.


Did AOS Orwell participated in Total Egina project?

Oh yes! We had OCTG, Well Head and FMC contracts with Total Egina project. We also took ten trainees which were trained for one year and the graduation will be done soon. For AOS Orwell, this is a fantastic thing because we have undergone training with them, on-the-job training, classroom training and they have done extremely well. In all of those period, the NCDMB monitored and supervised the development while we sent report to Total every month which I signed.

AOS Orwell has thrived tremendously. I am one of those who have empathy about training and developing the young ones. This is necessary owing to the prevailing decadence in the society, it is easier to get the young people and put them in a structured environment where they can excelled in future.


How is AOS Orwell positioning itself to take full advantage of the emerging opportunities in the oil and gas sector?

As a known fact, we are strong in the services that we render and those opportunities will always come to us. AOS Orwell is also interested in different opportunities. People think because the company is big, it selects job it does. Of course we are big but we don’t refuse any job. Anything that comes in our service lines we render it to our client. I am a strategist, so I go after strategic jobs, hit, move and acquire. This is how we work.


The oil industry is believed to be a male dominated profession. The industry have the likes ofFolorunsoAlakija, Vice President of FAMFA Oil, AmyJadesimi of LADOL. What are the challenges confronting the women folks in the industry and how can they be encouraged to take up greater opportunities?

First and foremost, it is a personal desire to be relevant and there are lots of women who started as field service engineers but did not continue all through to the technical aspect. Some women are involved in the servicing part of the industry. There is room for everybody both male and female, if you set out goals and target for yourself you can get there. I started in the oil industry and have decided to make what I get to a level where I want to be and am not there yet. I am not one of those who believe that the males are dominating the industry, but I advocate that more females should be involved in the industry and set a standard that will be required for them to take a high profile position.

Today, the industry parades women like Amy, Alakija including some other females who are doing well. The women should come as a team with fundamental roles to encourage and mentor the younger females to be who they are regardless of the various sector.


What can you say about yourself?

I am a professional with strategic views and a goal-getter as well, there is nothing I cannot get if I want to and am very principled. I have first degree in Mechanical Engineering, MBA from Manchester Business School and Engineering Business Manager. I have executive education on Strategy Marketing Management from Stamford and the list is still ongoing. I like to acquire knowledge, set out goals and achieve them. I like to mentor and coach the young folks regardless of female or male. This is who I am.


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