Thursday, January 27, 2022
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The Centre for Petroleum Information (CPI) held its Public Symposium tagged Oil & Gas: Sustainability and Communities in Lagos. CPI is one of the oil and gas industry association that has effectively disseminate information about the industry in different fora across Nigeria using virile mechanism to project its positive ideas.

At a Public Symposium, foremost natural gas company, Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) showcased its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).  The gas company whose mission is to market, produce, and deliver liquefied natural gas to buyers safely reliably and profitably in order to grow the company so as to attain its full potentials explained vividly its CSR initiatives.

Through CSR, NLNG has won national appreciation and support from stakeholders which have generated goodwill across board. The gas company has enhanced capacity building, stimulate community with development which has also engendered community-driven development in Bonny Island, its operational base.

In terms of Community Relations project and infrastructure, NLNG has complemented government’s efforts and developed its operational areas. Its CSR initiatives includes: education, health, infrastructures, enterprise development and agriculture. The construction of Bonny-Bodo Road which cost N120 billion is 50-50 co-sponsorship with the Federal Government of Nigeria.

NLNG came into national consciousness out of oblivion to public domain when it introduced the Nigeria Prize for Literature and Science. Also, the University support programme with Pan-National CSR impact.

As part of its CSR, there is public endearment, solid reputation, educative reporting of its activities through the media and Pan-National CSR initiatives with significant development focus.

Historically, in 1998, NLNG Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) became the Oil & Gas industry reference in community development and relationship. Its development is primarily driven by pre-investment social impacts. The company’s strategic review of its CSR was in 2013 where it envisioned it host community to become Nigeria’s “Dubai”.

The indigenous gas company adopted the community driven strategy and empowered them to own, drive and oversee development. NLNG contributes fund for development activities only.

Besides, as part of its sustainability project for communities, by 2040, the company will be involved in enhanced community driven activities, shared responsibility, sustained projects, capacity building and sustained utilities which will be funded annually. It will also empower communities to deliver their needs with contributory funds.

NLNG has benefited immensely due to its puissant strategic CSR initiatives which transcend across all levels. Astoundingly, there is no distraction of production to date either by militants or its host community on like its counterparts in oil production that have experienced one obstruction or the other. The company has never been distracted through attacks on its installations and facilities.


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