Thursday, October 28, 2021
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All is set for the WorldStage Economic Summit 2018 with the Theme: “New sources of economic strength to make the future happen” on Tuesday, October 23rd at the Event Centre, Nigerian Stock Exchange, 2-4 Customs Street, Lagos, by 9.30 AM..

In a statement by World Stage Limited, the organisers, the summit will attract participation from the Presidency, National Assembly, MGAs, State Governments, OPS- Oil and Gas, Banking, Insurance, Maritime, Aviation, Mining, Agriculture, Hospitality & Tourism, Entertainment, Construction, Power, ICT, Education, Transportation, Local and Foreign Investors, Media and other relevant stakeholders.

The #WorldStageEconomicSummit2018 will also include the presentation of awards to institutions in recognition of their significant contributions to the Nigerian economy in the last one year.

According to Segun Adeleye, President/CEO, World Stage Limited, credit for economic growth and boom in the developed countries world over the years had been linked to strategic identification and development of their economic strengths while government played the pivotal role of motivating the private sector with incentives to achieve the common goals in most cases.

However, he said Nigeria has never at any particular period deliberately developed  any area of her economic strength, rather it dumped the agriculture where it had comparative advantage when oil was discovered in the 1960(s) and since then economic development has been approached haphazardly.

In a global economy where tech companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook are richer than all African countries put together, he said managers of the economy cannot continue to fake ignorance of the needful, that mineral resource will no longer be a major factor in future relevance and prosperity.


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