Saturday, October 23, 2021
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Tony Attah, Managing Director, NLNG


The Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas Limited (NLNG), held a Public Workshop on Nigerian Content to showcase the Train 7 project recently in Abuja. The Public Workshop was attended by the Executive Secretary of Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB), Engr. Simbi Wabote, relevant regulatory agencies, companies and stakeholders mainly those who provide ancillary services among others.

Before explaining the Train 7 project to participants, Managing Director of NLNG, Tony Attah, asserted that the founding fathers of NLNG spent thirty years dreaming about a day when the company will be in existence and how Nigeria will focus on gas. “Part of the vision is to ensure that gas is not flared in the country but monetized to bring value to Nigeria, Attah added.” Apparently, the journey took thirty years and the company was incorporated in 1989 with joint partnership among NNPC, SHELL, TOTAL and ENI. He made it known that the four shareholders took a decision to incorporate the company in 1989. Another process was undergone leading to investment decision with Train 1 and 2. From 1999, production commenced leading to twenty years of operation.

Attah pointed out that the vision of NLNG is to be a global player so as to build a better Nigeria. At present, the company has 6 Trains and between 1999 to 2006, NLNG has become the fastest energy growing plant in the world because every eighteenth month, new train was added to the fleet and by 2007, it had 6 Trains.

NLNG did not relent on its effort due to its desire for growth. It continues to watch the market and how it grows while being active in the energy world. NLNG was ranked third in the world with 22 million tons.

In terms of energy transition, Attah said, there is need to change the energy mix and relevance of gas. Gas will definitely change the narrative which will reflect in transportation and power generation since the world needs energy. In 2040, population will increased exponentially across the globe.

The NLNG boss revealed that the cleanest energy today in the world is gas which Nigeria has huge potentials with 192 trillion cubic feet (tcf). This will lead the country to fourth place in terms of gas reserve in the world. Nigeria is producing less of the ratio it has in reserve.

As NLNG looks at the future, it defines the next thirty years at the back of growth increasing its capacity from 22 million tons to 30 million tons which is Train 7.

The NLNG MD told participants that Train 7 has a lot of opportunities that will be available for stakeholders and Nigeria while the gas company continues to build a better country. Attah said before the Nigerian Content Act was passed in 2010, NLNG made deliberate effort to be inclusive by offering opportunities through technology transfer and capacity building for indigenous companies in Nigeria.

Train 7 gives defined structure and clear guidelines on participation in the project which will be aligned in accordance with laid down principles of NCDMB.

Attah told participants in the Workshop that NLNG is serious in terms of private involvement and government intervention. He commended the Federal Government which has supported the company including its supervisory agency, NCDMB. Train 7 is about domestication and building capacity. The project is undergoing engineering design after which the bid process will be done and a winner emerges. Attah disclosed that the project gives room for a balanced process, “Identifies opportunities and we are open for business.”


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