Thursday, January 27, 2022
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Ever since operating in Nigeria’s exploration space for over five decades, Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL) has become one of the successful multinational oil companies that has sought, created, built and invested immensely in human capacity development.

Attesting to this fact, Director, Downstream Gas of Chevron, Sanjay Narasimhalu, at a recent Forum on Gas Development, expressed clearly on the need to develop talents. He said Chevron has been on gas business for twenty years and it has great asset such as the Escarvos Gas Plant and EGTL Gas to liquid plant. It has developing field that is producing as well. “That is not possible without talent, and if you think you are not developing people as fast, you will have problem.”

Sanjay reiterated that the oil company is proud of the talents it has in Nigeria, “We are very proud of the right key people we have in our organization that were seconded from NNPC, Shell, Chevron and the rest of our partners.” These are important talents and “If you don’t have them developed already, you will fail.”

He said for an organization to grow, it should not neglect its talents because they have to be developed and maximized for optimum performance.

On the issue of gas development, Sanjay made it known that there is need for a home front and unless there is LNG, it will be difficult to find a market in-flow which is extremely important. This is because the value chain is vividly significant as well.

He posited that Chevron globally views the value chain as key enablers for gas and the company has to understand present reality before getting involved. It also looks beyond gas and extend to power because “If you don’t understand how the whole process works, it will come back at you.”

According to Sanjay, another aspect considered by Chevron is infrastructure in upstream, midstream transportation and involving in power because it takes 80% of gas that has been produced. This is followed by transmission, generation and distribution. The value chain must be well understood.

The Downstream Director of Chevron stated that there is need to put into consideration pace of development. Everything has to work equally in the same amount of integrity with the same manner of focus, “If you let one link goes, in the technical side along that value chain, in the commercial side along that value chain, it will fail, and you will not be able to restore investors’ confidence as well as you hope.”


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