Thursday, January 27, 2022
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Adesua Adewole, General Manager, Sales and Marketing of Total Plc


Total Nigeria Plc is the marketing and services subsidiary of Total, a major downstream industry player in the country. For over sixty years, the company has been a leader in the downstream of Nigerian oil and gas sector with thriving distribution networks across the country.

At the 12th Oil Trading and Logistics Expo, Africa Downstream Week, which was held in Lagos, General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Total Plc, Adesua Adewole spoke on the company’s successes with various innovations in place.

Adewole explained that Total Plc customers over time have evolved and “When you look at the age bracket, the technology is rife and the seller should be abreast with what individuals want at your fuel station.” Total looks at the value proposition, strategic options as being new, fresh with the current environment and constantly evolving. It has enhanced its brands making them more comfortable for its customers to view and know them better.

Adewole made it known that Total Plc has over 500 stations across Nigeria. The company has developed stations that are new with aesthetic marched with colours that are attractive to customers. The company has about 50 stations that have solar panels generating energy to power them. Looking at the options being showcased to customers, Total Plc wants it to be appealing to them with offer of services. There are services such as lube bay and jet wash. These are innovative fast options to address needs of customers.

Adewole noted that Total shops are attractive, in the cafes, there are coffee shops. The company also partners with other ventures that can give top shots values for customers to meet all their wants.

As part of its innovation, the company has also partnered with Chicken Republic and KFC in some of its outlets. Adewole stated thus, “In the aspect of automation, Total Plc ensures that the customers get the right quality to the right quantity and to do that we have to measure it efficiently.” System information with technology has been deployed with remote to see what goes on in each station. In some Total stations, there are cam cards and camera that customers can use to make report instead of waiting for days in order to get feedback to address issues. The mobile system helps the company to monitor sales on daily basis as well.

The General Manager stated that Total Plc pride itself with app which allows it to get customers’ feedback, an initiative to meet their needs no matter where they are in the country.

According to Adewole, for over fifteen years, the company has embarked on cash less policy through the use of Total Card. It has been used to enhance what is being offered to the public and the card can be accessed online through the mobile phone devise without going to any of the stations. This process gives a customer opportunity to see what is being consumed including ownership and full control of all petroleum consumptions. Apart from fuel, the card also allows access to jet wash, lube bay and other services provided by the downstream company.

In terms of branding, she said “The concept is very straightforward, ensuring that we are having seamless and the same thing running through stations by having the same experience, in terms of automation, we are going into technology to ensure that we are improving the quality of what we are offering to the customers, but also how we are operating the systems that we are putting in place for controls in the stations.”

It is hoped that these innovative ideas will be sustained by the only multinational oil trading company which has remained undaunted in spite of challenges in Nigeria’s downstream industry.


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