Thursday, January 27, 2022
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Imrane Barry, Managing Director, Total Nigeria Plc

Total Nigeria Plc is currently the only multinational oil company operating in Nigeria’s downstream sector with diverse innovations including lubricants, insecticides and solar energy which is being used to provide alternative power.

The only surviving downstream multinational oil company had some success stories making it the choice of most Nigerians.

Total Nigeria Plc had its Annual General Meeting, AGM, in Lagos. The Managing Director, Imrane Barry, spoke to OGODO DOUGLAS FELIX, and other journalists after the successful AGM, that the company remains a preferred choice for the most populous black nation in the world.


Tell us about the success story of Total Nigeria Plc?

As you have heard from our shareholders and Chairman, 2018 was a challenging year, but a positive year for us and it boils down to our esteem clients, vibrant human capital including our strong brands and commitment to professional excellence.

Total has first class customers. If I have one success story to highlight today, it is the close bond we have with our esteemed Nigerian customers and our objectives in the long run is to remain and be the preferred choice in Nigeria.

How will you be able to tackle those issues raised by shareholders?

This is a family gathering, in a family gathering, you receive positive and negative feedbacks. We use to say in Total Nigeria that feedbacks especially mega team work have blessings. Today, we have received our shares of blessings both as directors and executives, we know exactly what to do in order to get the company where it should be.

What brought us here today may not be what is required to get us to where we want to be tomorrow. This kind of AGM is a unique opportunity for the management also to know exactly how to lead the company and go to the next level.    


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