Thursday, October 21, 2021
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The Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas Limited (NLNG) and Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), have partnered to find a lasting solution to the nation’s power dilemma.

Speaking at the Business Interactive Workshop, with members of the LCCI, and Dr. Peter Ngene, the winner of the 2018 NigerianPrize for Science, in Lagos, Eyono Fatai-William, General Manager, External Relations, NLNG Limited, said: “Very early in our operations at Nigeria LNG, we initiated well thought out intervention programmes, that focused on actualising our aspiration, of helping to build a better Nigeria, and the Nigeria Prize for Science is one of those initiatives.”

She said: “We are here todaybecause, the outcome from that annual competition are increasingly shedding light on how we can possibly help to solve some of the nation’s problems, which include electricity shortage.

In recognition of the need to encourage more work in finding solution to electric power generation, in the country. The Nigeria LNG, using the platform of the science prize competition, last year, encouraged research works on the theme – Innovations in Electric Power Solutions.

“The beautiful result that emerged from that competition is the reason we are here today, to publicise the work among industry players and to inspire interest in harnessing the work for further breakthrough.” She said: “On October, 2018, Dr. Peter Ngene was declared winner of the 2018 edition ofthe Nigeria Prize for Science, for his entry, “Nanostructured metal hydrides for the storage of electric power, from renewable energy sources and for explosion prevention in high voltage power transformers”.

The General Manager said: “This work stands out for two reasons; first, it deals with electric power generation, from renewable energy, which is where the rest of the world is gravitating to. Undoubtedly, Nigeria is richly endowed with the renewables, from sunlight to wind, hydro and even fossils. “The second distinction is that the work deals with conservation of electric power, better still, storage devices. That is another important factor even with the current scenario in our country.

Our interest is not just in motivating applicable solutions to our society’s problems, but also in promoting public interest in the winning work, to use them to find solution to the nation’s challenges.


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