Saturday, October 16, 2021
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The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) has built a new power transmission tower at the Ajah part of Lagos and has strung a second 600 megawatts (MW) line on the 330 kilovolts Egbin to Ajah transmission route.

According to a statement by its spokesperson, Ndidi Mbah, with the new line carrying 600MW of energy, TCN can now deliver 1,200MW on the route as the old line already energized also has 600MW capacity.

The statement said the old line was turned on Saturday the 13th of March 21, 2021 while the new line was connected on Monday the 15th of March.

Before recovering the second Egbin-Ajah transmission line, TCN had fed the Ajah 330/132/33kV Substation by a single 330kV transmission line, as the second line went off in 2013 after an insulation failure.

Since then, the lone 330kV line had supplied 600MW, but with the revival of the second line with both lines on the new tower line route, power evacuation has doubled on the route.

TCN also said the company now has a backup line that can serve when any of the lines is under maintenance.

“This has increased transmission efficiency and reduced downtime on that line route,” Mbah said.

The 13.8 kilometre transmission line route gets power supply from Egbin 330kV transmission substation and supplies three other 330kV substations in Ajah, Lekki and Alagbon.


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